Solar Racer 350 Kids Electric Go-kart

The Solar Racer electric go-kart features a high torque 350 watt motor that propels the kart up to a top speed of 20km/h for an exciting driving experience. Sturdy inflatable tyres keep the kart moving over a variety of terrains. Easy to use hand operated disc brake provides good stopping performance. The chassis is made entirely of strong steel and wheels are Aluminium with pneumatic inflatable tyres. The Solar Racer 350 is not a cheap toy but a high quality product with full and available spares back up supplied by Zuma Cycles Pty Ltd.

The Solar Racer’s 24Volt battery is recharged via a 240volt AC charger (supplied) and topped up by 2 x 4Watt solar panels which considerably extend battery charge in sunlight. Cheaper and greener alternative, quiet inexpensive fun for the kids or grand kids and small enough to use in the backyard so long as the grass is cut short and the ground is firm otherwise drives ways and foot paths are best.


Meerkat 50-C4 Kids Quad Bike 50cc (Red)

Product Description

 The Meerkat 50  models have easily the world’s largest selling 50cc kid’s quads. This huge popularity is attributed to its unique size, which makes it much sought after for the younger kiddies. The NEW Meerkat 50 (C4) meets the new compulsory safety requirements, having front and rear brakes, engine kill switch & remote control. Other features such as a very Quiet 4 stroke engine, very similar to Honda’s Z50, utilising a semi-automatic transmission, make this a very safe quadbike to teach young kids.

Speed reduction is achieved through a throttle limiting device at the thumb throttle, allowing the parent to choose the speed of the quad and wireless remote control which switches the engine off from a distance of over 50 meters in the advent that the child gets into difficulty (or they just won’t come back because they’re having too much fun). The Semi-Automatic transmission allows for the littlies to start off in first gear and work their way up as they become more proficient.