Happy Australia Day !!

Streuth she’s #AustraliaDay already! Crikey it’s come around fast. It’s time to fire up the ol’ barbie ‘n’ chuck on a few snags, splash ’em with some dead ‘orse, then rock back ‘n’ sink a few quiet bevies while watching some ODI or backyard cricket with mates to celebrate a tru’ blu’ “Stralya Day” !

And with that, we wish everyone a ………

Solar Racer 350 Kids Electric Go-kart

The Solar Racer electric go-kart features a high torque 350 watt motor that propels the kart up to a top speed of 20km/h for an exciting driving experience. Sturdy inflatable tyres keep the kart moving over a variety of terrains. Easy to use hand operated disc brake provides good stopping performance. The chassis is made entirely of strong steel and wheels are Aluminium with pneumatic inflatable tyres. The Solar Racer 350 is not a cheap toy but a high quality product with full and available spares back up supplied by Zuma Cycles Pty Ltd.

The Solar Racer’s 24Volt battery is recharged via a 240volt AC charger (supplied) and topped up by 2 x 4Watt solar panels which considerably extend battery charge in sunlight. Cheaper and greener alternative, quiet inexpensive fun for the kids or grand kids and small enough to use in the backyard so long as the grass is cut short and the ground is firm otherwise drives ways and foot paths are best.


Zuma® iBike Electric bicycle 200 Watt (Black)

The Zuma® iBike is the next big thing in folding electric bicycles again delivered to you by Zuma ® The replacement for our very popular Zuma® e-bike, this new model features a 36Volt 8Ah lithium battery which adds power and longevity but reduces the overall weight of the bike by at least 10kg. Compact when folded enabling easy transport for Motorhome Owners and Commuters alike.

No registration or license required and legal to use 200 watt output electric motor. Variable 3-speed pedal assist means you choose how much assistance the motor gives which is particularly helpful for those reviving their love of cycling or those who are easing back into exercise. The low cross bar height helps anyone who might normally have difficulty lifting their legs to straddle the bigger bikes. The Zuma® iBike can be freighted in the box with limited set up required before you can begin cruising the cycleways with ease.

The Zuma iBike – THE intelligent choice.