VOLT electric mini Dirtbike (Red)

The Zuma® VOLT Electric mini dirt bike is the answer to all our suburban back yard problems, a mini bike the kids can ride around the cloths line all day without the neighbours complaining of noise, because there is no noise from this ripper, nippy little electric powered mini bike that uses no petrol, simply plug into a 240v power point, wait till the charger light turns green, which indicates the battery is fully charged and away the kids go for between 1.25 & 2.5 hours without any chance of a burn from a hot exhaust or the lawn mower fuel going missing.

The Zuma® VOLT Electric mini dirt bike is a real motorcycle and not a cheap toy, and is the best motorcycle on the market for teaching riding skills from as young as 4 years of age up, thanks to the VOLTS low 580mm seat height.

The great thing is that you the parent have all the control over how fast little Johnny or Suzie go by choosing one of three speed settings, a safe and slow 8kph, a modest 15kph or a very brisk 25kph which don’t be fooled is faster then 90% of the population can run so avoid that one to start with unless you are looking at making a new opening in the neighbours fence now that you have a repaired friendship with them because of the kids new and quiet Zuma® VOLT Electric mini bike.

Weighting only 30kg the Zuma® VOLT is easily transported in the family car, laying on its side (with plastics protected) without fear of fuel and oil leaking out, unlike other mini bikes where you would otherwise have to take a trailer or the Ute.

The Zuma® VOLT Electric Mini bike uses a Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet Motor which provides magnificent instant power from its 24volt 12AH sealed lead batteries that are easily removed and replaced which makes a back up battery option an easy task, so the fun don’t stop.

The Zuma® VOLT mini dirt bike has a tough high tensile chromoly steel frame with MX style mono shock rear suspension and a massive 65mm of suspension travel along with grippy knobby tyres on alloy wheels. Hand operated disc brakes pull up the Zuma VOLT mini dirt bike from any speed safely. The drive chain is enclosed for added safety, and a neat instrument panel shows battery charge level and power mode at a quick glance.


Solar Racer 350 Kids Electric Go-kart

The Solar Racer electric go-kart features a high torque 350 watt motor that propels the kart up to a top speed of 20km/h for an exciting driving experience. Sturdy inflatable tyres keep the kart moving over a variety of terrains. Easy to use hand operated disc brake provides good stopping performance. The chassis is made entirely of strong steel and wheels are Aluminium with pneumatic inflatable tyres. The Solar Racer 350 is not a cheap toy but a high quality product with full and available spares back up supplied by Zuma Cycles Pty Ltd.

The Solar Racer’s 24Volt battery is recharged via a 240volt AC charger (supplied) and topped up by 2 x 4Watt solar panels which considerably extend battery charge in sunlight. Cheaper and greener alternative, quiet inexpensive fun for the kids or grand kids and small enough to use in the backyard so long as the grass is cut short and the ground is firm otherwise drives ways and foot paths are best.